Dear Followers,

When you don’t know where to start you have to start somewhere in order to pursue your passion. Blogging has always been my passion and I have a love hate relationship with it so far as I can never narrow down what exactly I would like to blog about. So I decided that I would blog about anything and everything I want It doesn’t really matter because It’s not about how many followers you have but how much you devote yourself to whatever it is you’re passionate about. I hope that this blog helps start my journey in the world of blogging. I’m a recently married housewife, baking enthusiast, mommy-to-be and of course a lover of fashion & beauty (as is every other girl in her 20’s). Just a 21 year old blogging about anything and everything you chat about whenever you see your girl- friends from the current makeup trends to entering motherhood…
There really is no end to it.

*** Created On September 15th 2016 ***